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Are you suffering from an injury that wasn't your fault? Trying to recover losses from an accident? Contact J.W. Bond for a trusted, experienced lawyer to take your side, who genuinely cares about you and is personally dedicated to recovering full and fair compensation.

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We can help with your accident & personal injury case

Rather than trying to negotiate this messy process by yourself, let us help. If you come in for a free consultation, our attorneys will meet with you, go over the accident in detail, help you set up a treatment plan, and make sure that you end up with the largest settlement possible.

When you hire Bond, Black, & Nightingale, you are looking at the possibility of recovering much more than the amount you spend on medical bills that came as a result of the accident. Insurance companies are not afraid of individuals with little to no legal experience and will not make big payouts to those individuals. Our office, however, routinely sees settlements in excess of your medical bills because insurance companies know we are not afraid to take them to trial if necessary.

It may take a while for you to finish treatment, but we will work tirelessly for you while we wait to see what the final medical bills are. As soon as you retain our office in your case, we contact the insurance agencies and try to discover opposing party coverage and policy maximums. While you are seeing doctors and providers for injuries, we are keeping tabs on the bills and making sure you are up to date on what the possible payout and results will be. Often, bigger law firms will simply pull in massive numbers of clients in an attempt to make more money. We strive to stay in touch and make sure we help you through every step of the process.

We bill personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. That means that we take a percentage of the total payout by the insurance agency. We do not make a penny unless we get you a settlement. Not having an attorney in your case can lead to headache and heartache trying to pick the right doctor to see for your injuries, missed deadlines, and/or possibly not even recovering your medical expenses. You have nothing to lose in scheduling a free consult with our team today.