About J.W. Bond Law

Criminal Defense Attorney

Good people in the Boise, Idaho area find themselves charged with criminal offenses like Driving Under the Influence (DUI) for a bunch reasons: wrong place wrong time, living a little too hard, accidents and false accusations—just to name a few. J.W.'s passion is fighting aggressively on their behalf, keeping the law that can often be unfairly harsh at bay. Being charged with a criminal offense such as DUI is stressful, but fortunately you don't have to do it alone. J.W. will be with you for the entire process and get you the best outcome possible.

What makes J.W. the right choice:

  • As a former police officer, he knows both sides of the law and can use that to your advantage
  • He has represented thousands of clients in court with favorable outcomes
  • He has a formidable team who refuses to stop fighting until your best outcome is achieved
  • He is well respected within the legal community and finds favor with jurors and judges alike